for Tina

Well, I'll do my house tour in bits and pieces...

I bought this secretary on ebay
that is 2 of the 3 kids
the third picture is in process

garage sale chair
tray tables from Marian's basement!

the catch all is never really this clean
that is the front door to the left and sliders to the right
the doors open into a courtyard


Uphill Downhill said...

Does Patrick use the valet? I've always liked the idea of a valet. Very Bob Newhart. Or Jimmy Stewart.

aly said...

He does, actually. He used to use it a lot more when he would wear a shirt and tie to work. (An ironed shirt) He no longer wears a tie, although he does still wear a shirt. It is usually not ironed, though.

Alan & Tina said...

For ME??? Thank you! I've loved every room. You definitely have a good eye and the patience to find the stuff that will make it all work. I love it.

What IS a valet? (Even though I can define BOTH Bob Newhart and Jimmy Stewart.)