one way to wake up in the morning

Ever since my (third) trip to Costa Rica in 1997, I have wanted an outdoor shower. We stayed at La Paloma Lodge, a beautiful rustic/luxury (if that makes sense) lodge nestled in the cliffs along the Pacific. The shower in our cabin was open air but private because of the heavy foliage and some strategically placed panels. It was lovely. Sunset Magazine has "11 Irresistible Outdoor Showers" on their homepage, so I thought I'd check it out. This one is my favorite:

image courtesy of sunset.com

I love that it can be accessed off the master bath. I would put a lot more plants in there, though, so it feels more like the jungles of Costa Rica.


my return to love

So, I have left this blog un-posted for quite some time, but as my babester turns 2 and my big kids head off to school, I find myself picking up some of my previous loves. Reading (I've gone through 3 books this past month! That's more than I read in all of 2008...) , sewing (wait until I show you my daughter's new room), and decorating. I am currently wanting to makeover my bed as my comforter has an enormous hole in it. In my quest for inspiration, I find many other interesting things. I found this dainty DIY side table today. However, I have yet to find my bedroom inspiration. I am having a hard time finding decorating sites that are fresh, budget-friendly, and unpretentious. Any suggestions?


Airstream Guesthouse

Something we have wanted to do for a while now is put an Airstream in the backyard and use it as a guesthouse.  I have all sorts of ideas and visions (as usual).  It is really just the logistics at this point.  Money, obviously, but also, would anyone want to stay in it?  Do we buy an old one that maybe is not fit for travel and just leave it there, or do we get one we can tow so we can take it to the farm and "camp" our way across the country?  I routinely check them out on craigslist, but there is so much I don't know about travel trailers.  What to look for, how to spot problems, what part of the airstream is the "tongue."  

I've been looking for a picture to do my vision some sort of justice, but there is none to be found...


If you like 70's kitsch...

I found out Orla Kiely is doing a collection for Target.  This is what I love about Target.  They make normally fancy and expensive things accessible.   I particularly like the shoe organizer.