Ok, it has been a while, I know.  What can I say, I got lots to do around here.  That's why I use "easy bed."  Easy bed is exactly what you'd think, a hassle-free way to make your kids' beds.  My kids have bunk beds, and anyone who has ever tried to make a bunk bed can tell you, it is a pain in the back.  All that stretching and tucking.  And it never looks neat.  The room is never quite neat, so if the beds are, it will make the whole room look cleaner.  In comes easy bed.  Instead of a twin size quilt, I use a throw.  Kids are small, what do they need a twin size quilt for? And besides, throws are a whole lot cheaper.  I got that polka dot one for $7 at Ross.  The blue is a down alternative one from Wal Mart for $12.   Then, to make the bed, all I do is fold the throw, or throws, and place them neatly at the foot of the bed.  It takes me, oh, 10 seconds.  Now, it fits with my style.  You may be more the pouffy comforter/ fluffy pillows type.  I can't help you there.