myself included

So, I guess I should include my actual chair/ table pairings.  (see post below if you have no idea what I am talking about)  The table I got at Target a few years ago.  I had seen it in domino and loved it, but it was more than I could spend at the time.  So, a few months later, we had a yard sale in which we made enough money to almost cover the cost.  Then, when I went to Target, it was actually marked down $100.   I still love it, it is just difficult to clean under, and not safe to crawl under (thinking of Malcolm, here).  I think I will end up bungee cording the legs together (lovely) so they don't open because if they open enough, the tabletop will come slamming down.

These are two chairs I got at a yard sale and a table from Ikea.  There is a funny story about the chairs.  They also have a settee which matches but is currently in the laundry room because I have not had a chance the spray paint it.  The set was regular wicker-tan when I bought it for $10.  I had actually admired it MANY times, as it sat on the front porch of a house I drive by almost every day.  So, this one Sunday, I am on my way to church, and I see that they are having a yard sale and selling the set.  I turn around, jump out, and ask them how much they want.  I only have $2, so I give them that, a deposit, if you will, and say I'll be back around noon if that's okay.  I emphasized that I really liked the set and had admired it whenever I drove by.  They looked at me like I was nuts, but they seemed cool with it.  So, I come back later, with Patrick in his priest getup, and pay for the set.  We load it up and go, but the whole time they were kinda giving me these odd looks.  Maybe because I referred to this priest guy as "Babe."  So, later, my neighbor comes over.  She lives across the street and is a hardcore yard saler.  She says, "It was you!  You bought the set!"  I smirked and said, "Yeah, did you see it there?"  She said, "He tried to sell it to me!  He said someone was supposed to come back for it, but did I want it, he'd sell it to me. I thought it was kinda a jerk thing to do, so I said no."  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Imagine if I had gone back to get it, it wasn't there, and then I later see in my neighbors courtyard!  She is so nice that she would probably feel bad and try to give it to me, but I would not take it, but she would insist, and we'd end up having joint custody.  Anyway, this is what I love about used furniture.  There is always a story.

have you caught on, yet?

...that I love to pair dining tables and chairs? 
I have been wanting a new dining room table recently, only because the one I have is really hard to clean under.  (lame reason, I know)  It is a gate-leg table, and it should seat six, but really only seats four.  Anyway, I got a cb2 catalog last week with the above table on the cover, only it was the room view, so when you click on it, go to the room view.  I love it.  It is exactly what I want.  However, it is, well... I would never pay that much for a table.

But, while I am daydreaming, I would of course have to get new chairs to go with it, so I picked out these awesome chairs at cb2.com.  They are much more than I would ever really pay for dining chairs.  

And today, I got the MoMAstore catalog, and check out this well-it's-art-so-it's-priced-like-it chair:

I think it would look great with a bright red painted wood trestle table.

Next I'll do sofas and tables (side or coffee?).  I know, you can't wait...


Master bedroom, part I

I just bought this oil painting, by one T. Joker, at Habitat on Friday, for $15.  That thing to the right of the dresser is a valet, which I bought, also at Habitat for Father's Day a few years ago.  
Hanging there in the corner is my North Dakota 100 mile yard sale find for $4.   The furniture we got on craigslist.  I bought curtains the same color as the walls, mainly because the walls are a very prominent green, and the bedspread is an orange and pink paisley, so I didn't want to go overboard.

I found this chair on the curb out front of my neighbor's house.  For those of you that are disgusted by that, I looked it up on a reproduction website and found it was selling for $800.  Of course, I can't find that website now, but....

This is a glimpse at our tiny bathroom.  Much needed cabinet from Ikea.  There is no storage under the sink.

More to come...


for Tina

Well, I'll do my house tour in bits and pieces...

I bought this secretary on ebay
that is 2 of the 3 kids
the third picture is in process

garage sale chair
tray tables from Marian's basement!

the catch all is never really this clean
that is the front door to the left and sliders to the right
the doors open into a courtyard