Lucy's gift to Schroeder

I was reading through Design Mom one day recently, when I came upon this piano she painted green:
Now, many of you know that my current house cannot hold a piano, but don't think I won't file this away for future use. I would not necessarily paint it green. I like the idea of mustard yellow, actually. Or hot pink. Or turquoise. It all depends on what room it's in. And it would have to be a color I really like, as I probably won't paint it more than once. Even though I can't fit it in my house, if anyone local sees a free or cheap piano (a smaller scale one like this) anywhere, let me know! Accommodations could be made... we'll just eat dinner outside every night. We are almost to the time of year where that is a reasonable compromise.

Also, I have really been wanting to paint our interior doors black. What do you think?

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