a calling?

I originally posted this on my family blog, but as it is more relevant to decorating, I decided to repost it here.

You may know that I have a borderline obsession with kitsch. Also, I like Jesus. Those two things together work well for me. A few summers ago, we went to the homeland, and while there, I, of course, thrift shopped. Thrift shopping in NJ is a whole different animal than thrift shopping in Florida or North Dakota. Things there are so much... livelier. (Some might say tackier. I'm choosing diplomacy to their name-calling.) Anyway, I cleaned up. It was a tchotchke-lover's paradise. One of the treasures that has managed to dodge all my subsequent tchotchke editing extravaganzas (goodbye owl holy water wall font) is what was lovingly dubbed "the Jersey Jesus." (That would be the bottom right Jesus in the picture, naturally.) The Jersey Jesus started it all. It is in an ornate frame, and made of that weird grooved plastic that seems to move when you move. Very Jersey. The following summer, I found the North Dakota Jesus. (top right) It is that famous picture of Jesus having dinner with a bunch of his friends. (Because that is what you DO in North Dakota. That is why I like it there.) Of course, the picture is superimposed onto a mirror and put in a very rustic looking frame. North Dakota is nothing if not rustic. About three weeks ago, I found Gainesville Jesus. I was at the Goodwill on 34th, looking through the "art" when I found a fantastic paint-by-number of Jesus. I have been hoping for a paint-by-number Jesus at some point, I just did not know what kind of town would be a paint-by-number Jesus town. Apparently, it's Gainesville. And a collection is born.
So, my question to you is, what kind of Jesus will your town produce? When I come to visit, I will be on a mission to find Jesus, so if you can't answer the call, I'll answer if for you.

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