Fauxdenzas for all!

I saw this post this morning at The Brick House about a new trend sweeping the DIY/Modern/Hipster Homeowner nation:  the Fauxdenza.  It is basically a wall hung credenza.  Here is a picture from Door Sixteen:

*Notice the requisite giant ampersand and Herman Miller chair.  Not that I am above any of this.  My snarkiness here is a result of jealousy.  I wish I could find an authentic HM shell rocker in somebody's Craigslist curb alert.   Not that she found it there.  I really don't know where she got it.  This is turning out to be a much longer aside than I intended.

As an unwilling participant of the Not So Big House movement, I am always looking for clever, cheap, DIY storage ideas.  These Fauxdenzas can be made from Ikea wall cabinets (Akrum) and are only a foot deep, so they can be hung on a hallway wall or, as in my case, along the one viable wall in my not-really-a-room dining area.  I like that it is unobtrusive and, as previously mentioned, cheap.  The basic white cabinet is just $58.  Two would make a cabinet 48" wide by 30" high.  The perfect size for my dining area.  I was thinking I'd see what I could find at ReUser to top it with.  The possibilities are endless!

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