rug fashion

So, it's been a while. I get it. Moving on...

I have a rug wishlist.

I would love this hopscotch rug from cb2 in Ceci's room:

They had it in an entry, but I think it would be a great kids room rug without being tacky and over the top children's decor. I found this flower one at Pier 1 for my kitchen:

So cute. The colors and style are perfect, and it is on sale! What I really need is a rug for my living room, and I want it before the big St. Patty's Day party this weekend, but of course I am not able to find anything I like. Well, that is in my price range. I mean, at cb2 there's this:

And just in case I am feeling a little snarky, there is always this Trompe L'oeil shag floor mat at Urban Outfitters:

But, I will probably end up just getting one at Target.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what I did with this nasty old lamp...

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