stool samples

This is a low stool (as opposed to a bar stool) that I have been admiring...

It is called the alchemy stool from cb2 for $129.  A hefty price tag for yours truly, but it would have gone perfectly in the schoolhouse modern kitchen I had originally planned for our house.  I had wanted to score an old science lab table, you know, the kind with the wood legs and the black epoxy resin top, and use that as an island.  Alas, time and money were too much of a factor, and I had to scrap my dream.  All that remains is a door I painted with chalkboard paint.  
Now that you have seen the Cadillac, let me show you the Yugo. Really it is a Volvo with a Yugo pricetag.  This is the Frosta stool from Ikea for $12.99, another low stool that works well as a table, too.  Simple, mixable, and if the kids decide it needs to be Sharpie-black, you can spray paint some cool color over it guilt free.  After all, it is cheaper than dinner for 4 at Moe's.
Now for the Toyota.  This authentic schoolhouse stool comes from School Outfitters and costs $32.99.  It can adjust in height, which is nice.  It is nothing fancy, but quite a workhorse.  I suppose if you were feeling like Trading Spaces, you could spray paint this as well.  But I wouldn't.


Kimberly said...

Alyson every time I check this blog and see the title of this post I cringe and flinch. I love the stools but the title. Post something new soon!

aly said...

Hee hee. I will not torture you any longer.