10 under $10

We start with some quirky art.  I love shopping on etsy because I love the idea that I am helping out an actual person.  Also, some day, when I have time, I am going to open my own little etsy store to sell my handiwork.  This is an 8.5x11 print from the store MATTY8080 and retails for $6 plus $2.50 s&h.  There were a ton of others, including one with a squid that I liked.  But I want to buy thissaone.  He even does requests...

This is a nice basic white wood frame from Target.  I like a white frame with a white mat for color snapshots of the kiddos.  This one is a good price, $6.99 for an 8x10.  Get yerself a mat for $1.50 or so and you are set!

New from West Elm, this branch entertaining ware comes in a variety of prices with a dipping bowl for $5 and a small bowl for $9.

These orange amac boxes from The Container Store appeal to that part of me that likes to organize everything in little compartments and stack them neatly in ascending order.  They range in price from $.39 to $3.19.  The come in a range of wild colors, too.  I am ordering a few of the purple for Ceci's hair things.

These Fran hooks, at right, are a steal, as with many things at ikea.  $3.99 for a 2 pack.  (They also come in black.)  The drawback is that they are only available in the store.

Magnetic, flat-bottomed measuring spoons (above) in my favorite shade of green.  These are on my "to get" list.  They have a narrow end for spice jars and a wider end for, I guess everything else.  Ingenious!  You'll find them at Macy's for a whopping $7.98.

MoMAstore has a bunch of matted prints for $8.50.  This is my favorite, a reproduction of "The Jungle," by Wifredo Lam.

With this genealogy chart, you can display up to 9 generations, allowing for hours of fun for you and your guests.  (So now you'll believe me when I say I really did have a Great Aunt Alfia)  Art meets history for only $8.99.

Sweet little rosettes perfect for a powder room window or baby girl nursery.  $10 for 7 and sold in black or silver at Urban Outfitters.

This one is kinda cheating because it is on sale. Bricks rug, $9.95 at cb2


theparakeet said...

Aly!! I want to buy all ten. But then I would spend $100!!

theparakeet said...

Aly!! I want to buy all ten. But then I would spend $100!!

aly said...

but think of all the great stuff you'd get for that $100! I say, do it.

Marthe said...

Great list! I'm going to Ikea again this weekend. Can I pick you up some hooks?

Anonymous said...

saw this on sale at anthropologie.com and thought of you... (if the picture doesn't show...they're owl salt & pepper shakers)

Sowa Salt & Pepper Shakers

Now $9.95
Was $18.00